The dogs, adding to the heart and soul of shop

The dogs, adding to the heart and soul of shop

While growing up in the Bay Area, I was always drawn to nature, I loved being outdoors and surrounded by trees. I started working with wood at a very young age, from simple boxes to creating sculpture, and eventually even built homes with my family’s construction company. My formal education is in the sciences specializing in mental health. As an adult, while busy working in social service, I continued to build cabinetry and fine furniture as a hobby.


Soon, I began getting requests from interior designers and contractors to create pieces for their clients. During the recent economic downturn the clinic where I was working closed. At that time I turned my attention to the design and fabrication of furniture.  Working from my Bay Area Studio,  I have honed my skills as a woodworker and as a metal worker and I am happy to offer my pieces to people who appreciate the value of artistic creations.


Every day we see mass produced furniture, made to last only a few years. Even the "artisan" created furniture crafted with expensive machinery is often designed for quick profit. This lack of personal touch and true working of a piece dulls the heart within the wood and thus the art within the final product. Maybe sound, however empty of energy, grace and spirit.  


In the spirit of great Old World & American Artisan’s, I have taught myself every aspect of furniture fabrication.  I love the process of designing in wood and uncovering the beauty that lies beneath the bark. Seeing a piece unveil it's beauty is always like unwrapping a very special gift.  I believe trees have an extraordinary inner core as complex and beautiful as any living being. In fact, they give us life, they are a true mother. I try to uncover this wonderful essence in both my woodworking and within myself.


This has become my passion and my life’s work, drawing from all my experiences to create a good fit between my pieces and to my clients.